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The Psychology of Advertising

Advertising is no new phenomenon. People have been familiar with getting their attention called from various signs and banners since close to the beginning of time. What is it about advertising that drives people? Why has it worked for so long?   This article will attempt to explore some of the psychological properties associated with…

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How Billboards Impacted the Music Industry

    There was once a time when the entertainment industry and billboard advertising didn’t exactly gel together the way that they do now. Sure, billboards have long been used to showcase products and advertise for many businesses, but how did music become a part of the advertising craze? The first advertising idea came from…

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Can You Measure Billboard Effectiveness?

      As many will tell you, billboard advertising is a very effective way of getting your message across to a wide audience. However, how can you know the engagement that your billboard is getting? While this number can’t be as precise as social media engagement or advertising that allows for real time stats,…

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