Dragged Vinyl

Gettin Rough?

Do not allow anything rough to touch the surface of your vinyl. This could cause your ink to come off.

Whipped Vinyl

Whip and Nae Nae?

Do not allow your vinyl to whip and nae nae in the wind! If your vinyl comes loose for any reason fix it fast! Your ink could crack and vinyl rip.

Pressure on grommets

Grommet Blowout!

Use common sense. After all…this is a plastic material that will not last if not installed properly. Too much pressure on your grommets will result in a blowout. Especially in cold weather the vinyl tends to not stretch well and is more rigid. Best to install when it is warm.


Ink to Ink

If you take your vinyl out do not fold it back ink to ink. Your vinyl could be potentially ruined. Ink sticks to itself and could peel off.