5 Tips for Impactful Billboard Design and Advertising

Mar 9, 2022

Are roadside billboards still an impactful strategy for marketing? In the car-loving country USA, Billboard Advertising is a highly effective and vital way to reach the maximum number of motorists. But the major concern is: Does your billboard have the power to grab the attention of people? For a successful offline advertisement like billboards, you need to ensure that it is effective as well as eye-catching. While many businesses fail to get success because they are unable to make the right strategy. For a result-oriented strategy, you need to know the basic principles. Once you understand the principles and follow…

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How to Install a Billboard

Jun 28, 2021

Billboard installation can be tricky. Not only is it dangerous it can be downright scary. It is best to leave it to the professionals. However there are some independent billboard companies or single sign owners that like to do it themselves. If that sounds like you then please read on to see some helpful hints to installing your own billboard. Hardware You need ratchets every 4′. There are available in a number of lengths in both standard and heavy-duty configurations, making them ideal for virtually all flex face sign applications. Purchase ratchets that have a large tightening handle. The small…

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Western Fairs Association Conference

Jun 25, 2021

Western Fairs Association Conference Billboards Etc had a wonderful time at the Western Fairs Association Conference! Have you ever gone to a conference and walked next to man on stilts? Or practiced your axe throwing? Well we are proud to say….WE HAVE! We met with several members and acts within the Fair industry. It was impressive to see how much work it takes to bring a state fair together to make it perfect for the public.  Most importantly, the new exciting relationships made are vital in choosing a print partner. The WFA conference was a great experience and we look…

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Large Banners Made Easy!

Jun 15, 2021

Large Banner Printing or Big Banners We specialize in large banner printing and are a large format printer. We’re not just a billboard printer but we print all things large. We print any size banner and you have no restrictions on size! First thing is first, measure your location. We can not get started on your print project without have adequate measurements. Billboards Etc offers a variety of sizes, shapes and styles that are perfect for your needs. We can print any size from small business to large scale billboards. Our banners may be printed on vinyl materials or mesh…

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How to Rent a Billboard

Jun 1, 2021
Rent a Billboard

Information guide on Renting a Billboard Although we’re a billboard and large banner printing company, we’ve worked with tons of outdoor advertising companies during our time in business. So we know all the ins and outs of billboard rentals. If you’re looking for billboard space and need to know the steps of securing the right spot, here are a few tips to keep in mind: JUST LOOKING Contact the advertising company that owns the billboard (usually posted on the skirt of the sign or a contact number on the billboard face). You can ask the billboard company a lot of questions on…

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Billboard Installation

Apr 15, 2021
Billboard Installation

Watch our video to see a billboard installation take place. Some billboard installers use bucket trucks and some use ladders. There are various ways an installer might choose to install a billboard. However the best way is “safety first”! Always use a harness! This could save your life. Choose a billboard installer that carries his or her own liability insurance and make sure they add you as “named as insured” on the policy. If your installer is not an employee of your company please make sure your contract laborer signs a contract that includes safety practices and that they will always carry liability. We would recommend…

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Determining the Right Vinyl Printing Needs for Your Project

Mar 22, 2021

Vinyl banners are extremely popular for outdoor displays because of their durability and their versatility. They are resistant to water and UV rays so they can stay outdoors for a longer period of time without being damaged by the weather or the sun. Plus, vinyl banners are strong — it takes quite a bit of force to rip one. And you can hang them virtually anywhere!   But what type of vinyl banner works for your project? Well, it all depends on what you’ll be using the banner for and for how long.    Vinyl Weight: It Does Make a…

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7 Tips For Creating An Effective Ad

Feb 17, 2021
Creating an Effective Ad

At some point and time, we all seem to struggle with our creative juice running on E whether it is because we have yet to have that glorious cup of coffee or because we are just lacking some inspiration. A good sale is only as effective as the creative design. Here are 7 tips and tricks to get your creative senses flowing and create an effective advertisement. 1) Know your targeted Audience: The first step of any sale is knowing who you are trying to persuade. This will help you communicate with them on their level and in a way that…

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Billboard Printing Guidelines: What You Need to Know

Feb 16, 2021

If you’re tasked with creating a billboard or large format banner design, there are a few billboard printing guidelines to keep in mind. Not only do you have to contend with creating a design that attracts customers, but how is that design going to translate onto the vinyl once it’s printed. If you’re new to billboard design, there are a few billboard printing guidelines to keep in mind before you start on your project. Dimensions and Resolution Must be Exact Unlike digital design, where you have some flexibility with your space, print banner design means you have a limited amount…

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August: FREE Mini Billboard Month

Aug 25, 2020
Mini Billboard

Here Ye Here Ye! We have hereby declared that August is our free mini billboard month! All print orders received over our website will automatically get a free mini billboard shipped to them! Now go shopping!

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