7 Tips For Creating An Effective Ad

Feb 17, 2021
Creating an Effective Ad

At some point and time, we all seem to struggle with our creative juice running on E whether it is because we have yet to have that glorious cup of coffee or because we are just lacking some inspiration. A good sale is only as effective as the creative design. Here are 7 tips and tricks to get your creative senses flowing and create an effective advertisement. 1) Know your targeted Audience: The first step of any sale is knowing who you are trying to persuade. This will help you communicate with them on their level and in a way that would meet their needs. For example, if you are trying to reach hungry commuters your ad would need to be something mouth watering like a big plate of food. 2) Emotional Triggers: Once you know your targeted audience, you can then begin to evaluate their emotional triggers. We see this played out a lot with the larger companies like Facebook, Netflix and Google even. They have learned our emotional and psychological triggers and are able to use that to capture our attention. Creepy… I know… But it works! A good example of an effective design that plays on the emotional trigger is seen below. You see a pool and a child having fun then begin to think about your kids or grandkids and how fun that would be for them too. 3) Utilize Key Search Words: What is your audience searching for if they were to google your business? If they are…

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Billboard Printing Guidelines: What You Need to Know

Feb 16, 2021

If you’re tasked with creating a billboard or large format banner design, there are a few billboard printing guidelines to keep in mind. Not only do you have to contend with creating a design that attracts customers, but how is that design going to translate onto the vinyl once it’s printed. If you’re new to billboard design, there are a few billboard printing guidelines to keep in mind before you start on your project. Dimensions and Resolution Must be Exact Unlike digital design, where you have some flexibility with your space, print banner design means you have a limited amount of space to work with. Everything your client wants to say in their billboard or large format banner needs to be placed in this specific space. Although this may seem like a drawback, it actually works in a designer’s favor. With the size restrictions, you know the content will look exactly as you have designed it once it’s printed. Before you start planning out your design, make sure your file has the right dimensions and resolution. Also, remember that any photos or logos you’re using are a high resolution image. This means the image should be at minimum 300 pixels per inch (PPI). If you’re using a lower resolution, the image will come out pixelated or blurry once it’s printed. What is a Bleed Area in Printing? A bleed area is an area found on the edge of your document that allows the billboard printer space to account for any…

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August: FREE Mini Billboard Month

Aug 25, 2020
Mini Billboard

Here Ye Here Ye! We have hereby declared that August is our free mini billboard month! All print orders received over our website will automatically get a free mini billboard shipped to them! Now go shopping!

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Billboard & Apps

May 11, 2020

Kwik Check convenient store developed a new app and uses outdoor advertising to promote it. We love when technology and outdoor advertising work together! Thank you KC for your business! #kwikcheck #kravethekwik

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High School Senior Banners

Apr 28, 2020
High School Seniors

Something amazing happened! When the world stopped and businesses continued to loose money due to the Corona Virus, a creative effort was underway to celebrate our high school seniors. We went from printing billboards to banners in a week. We have been busy designing and printing banners to be displayed at schools. Our high school seniors are being recognized in a whole new way and our business is grateful for the work!  

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Kendra 3 Year Anniversary

Apr 28, 2020

Happy 3 year anniversary to Kendra! We are thankful for your contribution to our lil billboard team! You are genuine and professional. You have just the right touch when handling billing. Thank you for your dedication!

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Jenilee 3 Year Anniversary

Apr 27, 2020

We would like to recognize Jenilee for 3 years of dedication! She always has a sunny outlook, loves to be helpful and has a can do attitude. She has grown so much in the billboard business. During her first year of work she struggled and almost left. The print business can be demanding. Jenilee is glad she did not leave and we are grateful too. Now she is a pro and an amazing part of our staff. If you happen to call us up…make sure to say hi to Jenilee!

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Get to work! Hustle!

Apr 7, 2020
Rebecca at

There is not a day to waste during this slow down! -Have a business plan to survive and thrive! If you do not have one make one! -It’s time to lead. Center yourself and stay healthy so you can feel more capable of having the responsibility of leading others. Let your employees know your plan. -Everyone will get through this hard season and it is your choice how you walk through it. You might possibly come out stronger than you were before! What can I do? Innovate / See a need fill the need / Update Brand / Update Blog Posts / Customer reach out  / Help your customers for free! / Improve SEO / Give creatively! / Apply for Federal Payroll Protection & Small business disaster relief / Get your books organized / Update your current ads / Give Creatively. Don’t Panic….it always works out! There is so much to do and Now is the perfect time!   Rebecca Thurman with Billboards Etc. Design now and pay later. Tell us about it! Start Project   Mini Billboards Let your client know how much you care! You can proudly display a miniature billboard with your ad or your client’s ad on your desk. This unique product is a great conversation piece that ties in with your current ad campaign. We can also blind ship directly to your client from you as a way to say thank you. MINI BILLBOARDS

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#PreBuyLocal Campaign

Mar 22, 2020
Buy Local

We recently were emailed an article about prebuying local. Kind of intrigued me so I read on. “Simply put, it gets cash into the hands of owners you believe in today, in the hopes they will be here tomorrow. Think of local restaurants, physical trainers or massage therapists.” Fresh Books Founder & CEO. We were inspired to reach out to our local favorite diners and worked together to promote #prebuylocal. Our concept was simple. Billboards Etc. prepaid for 30 lunches for seniors. The diner will deliver city wide at no cost to seniors that are legitimately scared to leave their homes. This was promoted on Facebook. Several things got accomplished here. Keeps our local restaurants producing and making money in a safe manner. Feeds our community. Creates brand awareness while helping others. Its the right thing to do. The next campaign will be to deliver food at no cost to our medical professionals that have been exhausted by this in more ways than one. We have encouraged our local businesses to help with the campaign as well. When business is suffering it is a natural reaction to start cutting costs. As a business we should prepare. We still can find some money to help though. So far the campaign has been seen by thousands and shared multiple times. Together We Can Do More!      Team Billboards Etc.    580-326-1660    [email protected]      

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Positively Contagious Campaign

Mar 19, 2020
Laughing is Contagious 2

Most of our worlds have dramatically changed within the last two weeks. However…let this not be our new normal. What is more contagious than the Corona Virus is hope. Welcome to our “Positively Contagious Campaign”! The images are perfectly sized for a 14’x48′ digital sign. Digital can play such an important role here! Spread positive messages Directing drivers to the nearest testing site closest to their billboard Displaying accurate health tips Together we do more! Please let us know if you would like us to resize these at no extra cost to fit your digital billboard.

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