6 Year Anniversary with Billboards Etc. / Debbie

Oct 21, 2019

We would like to recognize our Debbie for her 6 years of dedication to Billboards Etc. She truly is a talented Graphic Designer that has contributed so much more than design. We can not thank her enough for her loyalty, hard work and friendship.    

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Pool Billboard Ideas

Jun 13, 2018

Billboards should not be borning! Have fun with a catchy tagline and imagery. Or in this case….a Shirley Temple looking cutie!  Key is to have images direct the eye to the message. Keep your text 7 words or less and contrasting colors. This client did not need more contact information on his board because he is the main pool provider in his region. This left room to be more creative and just create brand awareness.    

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Outdoor Advertising: Why Design Matters

Apr 16, 2018

Many fall to the temptation of overlooking or completely neglecting the design of their outdoor ads. They seem to think that just throwing some words on a billboard or sign will automatically attract attention. Or maybe they believe that throwing an unattractive variety of color and flash will be the best idea for their chosen mode of advertising. While both of these methods have been used effectively, the key behind their success is that there was a great deal of planning and thought that went behind the design. Every choice, whether it be only text or striking photography, was made with a particular goal in mind. The design of your billboard can be the first impression that many people get of your business. This is why it’s important to make sure it counts. Design helps start a conversation It is a common mistake for many companies to place a billboard in a location and not put much thought into how it actually looks. You may have your ad in a great location, but it will remain ineffective if it can’t engage people and make them want to take action. Take the time to craft your call to action and form it in a way that speaks to your intended customer base. Design helps define your audience One thing that you should definitely keep in mind when it comes to the design of your outdoor ads is the interests and values held by your customer base or audience. Demographics play a…

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Billboard Design: Getting Your Message Across

Jan 29, 2018

When making a strategy for the design of your billboard or outdoor ad, it is very easy to get distracted by the visual elements of the campaign. Photography, graphic design, and colors are all a major part of the time, and money, spent on creating your ad. However, the overall message of the billboard is something that is very important to keep in mind and will ultimately bring more value to your ads and campaigns as a whole. What are you trying to do with your billboard? This may seem like a simple question. You want a billboard or outdoor ad to spread awareness about your business. However, it can greatly benefit you to think a bit deeper about this. What exactly do you want people to do with the information provided by the outdoor ad? Do you want them to visit a website? Do you want them to visit a specific location that your business is in? Before even beginning a campaign you need to be aware of the various channels that your customers access your business and provide them with the most convenient options based on your demographic and type of business.    Make your message obvious The messaging on your billboard should be 100% clear. Given the fast paced nature of modern life, people simply are not willing to give up the time to look at the ad for longer than few seconds. Put a significant amount of time in creating a message that fully represents your…

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Top 5 Outdoor Advertising Rules

Dec 21, 2017

The landscape for billboard advertising has made an inevitable change due to the ever growing popularity of digital and mobile devices. Consumers have found themselves distracted by a variety of smart phones, tablets, and gaming systems. This does not mean that billboard and outdoor advertising is ineffective, but rather, it means that there are certain rules and guidelines that should be followed in order to remain competitive and attract attention.       1. Keep it six words or less- This can be one of the most challenging aspects of the billboard design process. Depending on the type of business or organization, it can be tempting to attempt to write out your entire story on the billboard. After all, this may be the first time potential customers are introduced to your brand. However, remember to be aware of the fact that billboards are viewed by people who are the move and don’t have a lot of time to read. This means that you definitely want to keep the amount of words to a minimum, preferably six or less.      2. Be creative- With the last rule in mind, it’s important to always remember that creativity goes a long way when it comes to outdoor advertising. Some of the most effective outdoor ads are the ones that think about of the box and create something that engages people while also displaying their brand.      3. Be careful of bright colors- It would seem that utilizing bright flashy colors would be a great way…

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Crafting Your Call To Action

Nov 10, 2017

  Many people tend to overlook the importance of great ad copy when it comes to outdoor advertising. You might be tempted to only focus on the graphic design elements. This is understandable given the fact that this will be the most noticeable to viewers. However, it is the call to action that will truly bring engagement to your ad. Graphics and Words A well balanced outdoor ad will have elements that compliment one another. For example, great design is crucial to capturing attention, but what do you do once people are engaged with your ad? Don’t just stop with graphic design. Now that people are looking at your ad, it’s time to take measures that will get them to behave in the way that you want them to. Do you want them to buy your product, use your service, or visit your website? These are things that MUST be included in your call to action. The design of the ad has already attracted them, now is the time to bring in the sales using strategic ad copy. Always remember to write a call to action that is easily read and understood, especially from a distance. A good rule of thumb is to keep the amount of words at just six or less. This means that each word must be impactful and direct. Tell them exactly what they need to do to buy your product or shop at your store. “Call today!” This quick and effective word usage is a…

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Halloween Themed Ads

Oct 31, 2017

Halloween is a great time to get creative with advertising. It gives you the opportunity to use the fun and scary holiday to promote your brand! To celebrate Halloween, we are going to be showing you some examples of great outdoor advertising with a Halloween theme!   Fun Halloween Ads These companies and organization use the fun atmosphere of the holiday to design amazing ads!     1. This billboard ad by popular Halloween store Party City shows off vibrant colors to advertise their kid’s costumes.           2. Disney uses their more frightening characters to advertise their Halloween Time celebration at Disneyland.             3. Goodwill takes a fun approach to their standard, minimalist theme by incorporating spooky Halloween characters to this simple, but effective billboard.   Scary Halloween Ads Haunted houses and other Halloween attractions use billboard and outdoor advertising extensively to attract attention for their events. Here are a few of the best examples of their frightening ads.   1. Six Flags uses a scary theme to promote their annual Fright Fest haunted house attractions.   2. This billboard for the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride uses a number of design elements including graphics and photography to create a scary outdoor ad in promotion of their events.     3. This billboard for Universal Studios utilizes striking photography and a creative design to get a scary effect!   Halloween is a great holiday for billboard and outdoor advertising. It allows for…

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Why Photography is Important to Your Outdoor Ad Design

Oct 11, 2017

Photography can go a long way when it comes to billboard or outdoor ad design. In fact, many experts say that outdoor ads that focus on imagery over words can lead to a much higher ROI. A picture is worth a thousand words Ad copy can only present a certain amount of information. Examples of this include websites, hashtags, social media handles, and specific information about sales or specials. You are often unable to show this relevant information in a photo alone. However, there are certain lifestyle and brand opportunities that give a well placed photo an edge over the ad copy. When planning the design, it is always helpful to understand what parts of the ad will be most visible and plan accordingly in the design stages. The balancing act Showing a billboard with a high quality, striking photograph will certainly attract attention. With this in mind, it is important to balance the other elements so that they compliment the design A great example of this would be the #TeamAdidas campaign. Adidas used this photo to gain attention and promote their product.  However, both the hashtag and the logo are also placed in small, but noticeable areas on the ad. This shows that little more than a photo and a hashtag can create a billboard and social media campaign. Many companies find success in using outdoor ads that focus mostly on photography. As mentioned above, experts find that people are more willing to pay attention to a photo and remember…

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Outdoor Advertising and Your Brand Image

Sep 27, 2017

Brand image is important to consider in the process of designing your billboard or outdoor advertising campaign. Outdoor advertising is effective through its ability to promote a a very specific image of your brand. Outdoor advertising works in repetition. Potential customers are seeing your ads often multiple times a day. This means that your billboard or outdoor ad will need special focus on the representation and image of your brand. This is more important for outdoor ads over any other type of advertising medium. How do I represent my brand image in outdoor ads? The first step in designing your campaign will be to evaluate your current brand image. You want to take a look at other aspects of your business that require design such as your website, social media pages, and other ads that you may have. They should be consistent as far as your imagery goes and your outdoor ads will work as an extension of these platforms. The visual elements should be in line with all of these. You always want to ensure that your outdoor ads are consistent with the colors and logo options that are associated with your brand. For example, if you have a billboard ad that looks different than your website it could confuse customers who saw the billboard and then visited your site. What design elements are important? Every single aspect of your billboard is representative of your brand or organization. Each piece of design that the potential customers see will go…

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5 Examples of Minimal Billboard Advertising

Sep 18, 2017

When it comes to effective billboard advertising, less is always more. Billboards typically have a very short time frame to grab potential customers’ attention. This makes minimal design a useful tool for attracting an audience. Here are some inspiring examples that take minimalist design to a whole new level. McDonald’s– This billboard ad campaign uses only simple vector images to get its message across. It really shows the marketing power of the McDonald’s brand as it is instantly recognizable from the colors and style alone. Chipotle- The brand does the exact opposite of the previous billboard by adding only words to the design. However, it works to the same effect. The ad uniquely applies contrast to highlight the most important information in a way that is fun and creative. iPad Mini– Apple is known for their robust campaigns that feature amazing high quality photography. However, in this campaign for the iPad Mini, they skillfully stepped back and let the product itself do the talking. Snapchat- The popular social media platform took to outdoor advertising in 2016 with these simple, yet iconic billboard ads. Again, they found that their logo alone was appropriate for crafting their message. Mad Men- You might just miss the small amount of imagery featured on this billboard for season 5 of the popular AMC series Mad Men. This billboard gets points simply for the pure curiosity that it invokes. It proves that a great idea can be simple and break all the rules. What are your…

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