New Team Member

Jan 21, 2016

We are proud to introduce Ashley! She loves outdoor advertising, customer service, and is looking forward to developing long lasting print relationships with you! Ashley and the rest of our team will be making sure your orders are right and arrive on time! Please make sure to give her a warm welcome! Contact her direct: [email protected]  

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The Psychology of Advertising

Nov 23, 2015

Advertising is no new phenomenon. People have been familiar with getting their attention called from various signs and banners since close to the beginning of time. What is it about advertising that drives people? Why has it worked for so long?   This article will attempt to explore some of the psychological properties associated with advertising and how utilizing these properties will bring more engagement to your business or product.   Remnants of billboards and signs can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians. They soon discovered that they could use Papyrus to display messages of sales. This quickly evolved to the ancient Greeks and Romans who used signs and banners to keep people informed of local events and shows. Over time, this advertising has gradually become what we have today. From ancient Egypt to Times Square, billboard advertising has remained a staple for gaining new customers.   People are simply more adept to sight. It is the most powerful stimulus, which is why having the correct design and colors is a must for any billboard. People have understood from very early on the importance of displaying businesses and products. Even in the digital age that we are living in, traditional methods such as billboard advertising remain extremely effective. The power of association is the main key of any great advertisement. It is important that people make associations with your brand. The best way to do this is through billboards. For example; Let’s say you are a restaurant in a…

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How Billboards Impacted the Music Industry

Nov 11, 2015

    There was once a time when the entertainment industry and billboard advertising didn’t exactly gel together the way that they do now. Sure, billboards have long been used to showcase products and advertise for many businesses, but how did music become a part of the advertising craze? The first advertising idea came from Jac Holtzman, founder of Elektra Records, in 1967. He was trying to get the word out about a great new band that he had recently signed, The Doors. Driving through L.A. every day, he began to notice the drastic number of billboards advertising everything except music, or any form of entertainment, for that matter. He took a chance and plastered The Doors debut album onto one single billboard in L.A. This album became known as one of the best selling debut records of all time. With the help of the single billboard, it was pushed into legendary status. Very soon after, billboard marketing became a necessity for music, art, and film. Even today, it shows a lasting impact and helps to develop an audience of listeners, or viewers, which would not have heard about it prior to seeing the billboard. This is just a small instance of the various artists that have prospered from utilizing billboard marketing. With these successes in mind, what can advertising do for you? This example has shown that, no matter what form, billboards can help to benefit anyone.   Visit us to get a quote and make a lasting impact…

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Can You Measure Billboard Effectiveness?

Nov 9, 2015

      As many will tell you, billboard advertising is a very effective way of getting your message across to a wide audience. However, how can you know the engagement that your billboard is getting? While this number can’t be as precise as social media engagement or advertising that allows for real time stats, you will be surprised to find that billboards can be effectively measured with accuracy.   The first, and most obvious, step in measuring your billboard success is by observing the traffic in the area. This method is great for both planning and maintaining billboards. A high traffic area will allow your billboard to be viewed by a large audience. While some may simply glance at it and pass by, a percentage will also pay attention and become engaged customers. Understanding the demographic of your specific area is another important step in measuring success. It is important to know what type of people are typically found in the area of your billboard. Will your product interest them? Get to know the lifestyles that can be found in certain areas so that you can be assured that the right people will see your billboard. Use your billboard along with social media to provide a basic measurement. Add a spot on your billboard encouraging customers to like your social pages. Chances are, those that are fully engaged in your ad, will feel compelled to do so. This will give you a look at what types of people are…

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Effective Billboard Campaigns

Oct 21, 2015
Billboard Prints

Effective Billboards Why Invest Time? An effective outdoor ad campaign can yield some very profitable results for businesses both small and large. If you’re a bit skeptical of the idea of outdoor advertising and think that most people drive by billboards without giving a second glance, then you should probably consider all of the successful brands that utilize them. A large brand like Starbucks or McDonald’s isn’t going to waste their money on something that doesn’t work. It’s just that simple. Here are some strategic ways that will make your billboard pay for itself in no time….   Get Creative / Effective Billboards As I was driving down the highway in the Dallas area, I noticed this billboard by Chick-Fil-A. It’s a pretty simple billboard with a standard message. However, the way that the words were spelled forced me to look at it a little longer to figure out what the message was saying. This was a very effective technique by the company. By having creative billboard advertising, it held my attention and made me interact with the billboard rather than just driving past it. That’s the key, a little creativity and interaction can take a billboard a long way and bring more attention to your business. Use Social Media As many people have come to realize, Social Media is really popular. The importance of it for a business must be taken seriously. It is an advertising tool all on its own. However, the integration of traditional outdoor advertising and…

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Getting the Right Banner for your Business or Project

Oct 14, 2015

  Everything from grand openings to high-quality photography exhibits require a way of getting their message or art across to as many people as possible. The best and most effective way of relaying information to the public in a traditional way would most definitely be by the use of vinyl banners.   When it comes to grand openings, a large, high-quality designed banner can go a long way for a business. The low cost of these vinyl banners and signs make it ideal for companies who are in need of a temporary way to draw in potential customers.   When you have an upcoming event or seasonal festival, it is important to get the word out to potential visitors. One of the best ways to capture an audience for your event is setting up a well-designed banner that will definitely grab their attention like this one pictured. During a performance, concert, or other type of exhibit, it is important that your artwork is represented in the highest possible quality. When you require an enlarged version of your photography or art, a vinyl backdrop is the best way to get the results that you need without any loss of quality. Billboards Etc has a large selection of banner and backdrop options that will suit any opening, event, or exhibit that you require. Let us help you get the quality that you need to get the word out about your next event.

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The Best Ads from your Favorite TV Shows

Oct 9, 2015

In anticipation for the upcoming seasons of our favorite shows, nothing prepares us for the binge watching more than seeing the massive, high-quality prints of the characters in full glory. With season premieres coming right around the corner, here are the best ads that we have seen so far: 1. The Walking Dead.         Fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead were pleased to see these ads popping up in major cities in preparation for the premiere of the 6th season of the series. Taking a visual step away from the other season’s ads, for season 6 the designers added a minimalist touch to the post-apocalyptic narrative. Either way, it definitely gets us ready to see what is in store for the new season!   2. The Flash             Many were wondering if the recent super-hero series The Flash would get a 2nd season; Here’s their sign. Colorful ads have been seen and fans are now ready to enjoy the new season and hopefully many more of the DC Comics production.   3. American Horror Story: Hotel               Just in time for Halloween, horror-series American Horror Story: Hotel dazzled, and frightened, with their brilliant displays in preparation for the new season. Much like the show itself, these billboards showcase the creativity and high-quality art that fans of the series know and love. If these ads are any indication, this series will be another shocker.   4. Moonbeam…

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Born To Be Wild – Motorcycle Attorneys Billboard

Jun 11, 2015

Born to be wild?! Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys has several AWESOME billboards going up in STURGIS, SD! Printed on 13 oz. Vinyl Flex semi gloss material makes this artwork pop! Call us at 580.326.1660 or order with us at the link below

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Native Lights Casino

Feb 25, 2015

New billboard for the Native Lights Casino.  Love how its simple and easy to read!!  What do you think about this billboard? To order with us follow the link provided.

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Drug Lawyer

Feb 25, 2015

Here is a new billboard that we just finished for Chad Moody.  Do you ever think it will be legal in Oklahoma?

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