Get to work! Hustle!

Apr 7, 2020
Rebecca at

There is not a day to waste during this slow down! -Have a business plan to survive and thrive! If you do not have one make one! -It’s time to lead. Center yourself and stay healthy so you can feel more capable of having the responsibility of leading others. Let your employees know your plan. -Everyone will get through this hard season and it is your choice how you walk through it. You might possibly come out stronger than you were before! What can I do? Innovate / See a need fill the need / Update Brand / Update Blog Posts / Customer reach out  / Help your customers for free! / Improve SEO / Give creatively! / Apply for Federal Payroll Protection & Small business disaster relief / Get your books organized / Update your current ads / Give Creatively. Don’t Panic….it always works out! There is so much to do and Now is the perfect time!   Rebecca Thurman with Billboards Etc. Design now and pay later. Tell us about it! Start Project   Mini Billboards Let your client know how much you care! You can proudly display a miniature billboard with your ad or your client’s ad on your desk. This unique product is a great conversation piece that ties in with your current ad campaign. We can also blind ship directly to your client from you as a way to say thank you. MINI BILLBOARDS

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#PreBuyLocal Campaign

Mar 22, 2020
Buy Local

We recently were emailed an article about prebuying local. Kind of intrigued me so I read on. “Simply put, it gets cash into the hands of owners you believe in today, in the hopes they will be here tomorrow. Think of local restaurants, physical trainers or massage therapists.” Fresh Books Founder & CEO. We were inspired to reach out to our local favorite diners and worked together to promote #prebuylocal. Our concept was simple. Billboards Etc. prepaid for 30 lunches for seniors. The diner will deliver city wide at no cost to seniors that are legitimately scared to leave their homes. This was promoted on Facebook. Several things got accomplished here. Keeps our local restaurants producing and making money in a safe manner. Feeds our community. Creates brand awareness while helping others. Its the right thing to do. The next campaign will be to deliver food at no cost to our medical professionals that have been exhausted by this in more ways than one. We have encouraged our local businesses to help with the campaign as well. When business is suffering it is a natural reaction to start cutting costs. As a business we should prepare. We still can find some money to help though. So far the campaign has been seen by thousands and shared multiple times. Together We Can Do More!      Team Billboards Etc.    580-326-1660    [email protected]      

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Positively Contagious Campaign

Mar 19, 2020
Laughing is Contagious 2

Most of our worlds have dramatically changed within the last two weeks. However…let this not be our new normal. What is more contagious than the Corona Virus is hope. Welcome to our “Positively Contagious Campaign”! The images are perfectly sized for a 14’x48′ digital sign. Digital can play such an important role here! Spread positive messages Directing drivers to the nearest testing site closest to their billboard Displaying accurate health tips Together we do more! Please let us know if you would like us to resize these at no extra cost to fit your digital billboard.

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Social Media vs. Large Format Printing

Mar 1, 2020
Social Media vs. Large Format Printing

Social Media seems to be continually increasing as a means of advertisement. However, Large Format Printing has never seen a greater day. Most people look to compare these two sources of advertising; but if you are wanting a successful campaign, you should use BOTH advertising methods. Not only does this create brand awareness but also keeps your business Top Of Mind. This meaning when a customer needs your product they will have seen your advertisement in multiple places and will be more likely to remember you first. Large Format Printing and Social Media complements each other well. When people see something life size or larger than life that is creative, what do they do? They take photos and post it on social media. Not only are you investing in a print getting hundreds of impressions, but now you are getting millions of impressions on the web. In the end, the key in having an effective campaign is to have a creative design. We offer this free of charge with your print! This article posted by Billboard Insider is an example of Social Media and Large Format Printing working together is a comical way.  

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What is Webbing and When to Use It

Feb 25, 2020

Mesh and vinyl banners can serve for indoor and outdoor purposes hanging on almost any substrate with proper installation. Banners in tougher environments (i.e. high winds) need some extra reinforcement around the grommets and that is exactly what webbing is there to do. When using webbing, your hem is made up of the 1/8 inch in width webbing placed between the material. It is then heat welded to create your hem. Grommets are then inserted at your preferred width apart (normally requested at 2 ft. apart). This helps in the longevity of your material and creates a stronger hem. If your banner is in tough environments or you are using a heavier material, please ask us about our webbing.

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New Creative Means New Customers

Jan 20, 2020

Yes, it is true your vinyl can last as long as 3 years but should you leave it up that long? Why not, right? Wrong! Why would you pay for a billboard space and not get the most out of it you can! Get a greater ROI from your billboard by changing out your vinyl in 2020. Let us help you create a new eye-catching vinyl for your billboard and watch as your customers begin to notice a difference in the scenery as they drive to work or go to the grocery store. If you are not currently advertising on a billboard, contact us today to help you find a great location for your company by working with our great OOH contacts. OOH is one of the most effective advertising methods today especially for Millennials so let’s take advantage of this and transform your business!

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Wild Ride – Business Girl Learning Lessons

Dec 4, 2019
Wild Ride - rent a billboard

12-4-2019 What a wild ride! I am in my 12th year of business and so far it has been a blessing. Remember no matter how many years you are in business… are not that important.  What is important is only your positive impact on society and your good works. Now that I got that out of the way….here are some learning curves and lessons in my first 12 years of business. The first two years were the infancy stage. Crawling my way around getting a feel for this “running a business thing”. Do yourself a favor. Don’t use your friends CPA. Use a CPA that come highly recommended by a business you look up to. You will get a ton of bad advice from qualified CPA’s. The next 6 years were a blur, going back to a wild ride. I do not think I went to bed before midnight and my health was non existent. However you keep pressing on because a true entrepreneur doesn’t quit. Years 9 and 10 we are really cooking. Sales are up and I have created business boundaries. Where I run the business and the business does not run me. I set reasonable goals and always measured sales month to month. Year 11 and I am a little agitated due to the political climate. But I stay focused even though we are in the political era of “men are evil”. Men had a huge impact on the success of my business. Male business owners helped…

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Our Story: A Billboard Girl is Born

Dec 3, 2019

Every young person is told that they need to find a good job. And in my mind that job was in a skyscraper in the city. I always believed I need to have an office on the top floor over-looking the city and working for someone else. I had no idea what I was suppose to do but I envisioned it to look like “Working Girl” starring Melanie Griffith kicking my feet up on a desk over-looking the skyline conquering a dream. Fast forward after college the reality was there was not a high rise office but rather a job that was hard pressed to find. And then there was a sign. A billboard sign to be exact. I decided to call the number on the billboard and asked them if they needed help with design. It was a straight commission job. Which is code for “if you want money…earn it”! I was dying dying to work and ready to learn the billboard business! Fast forward 3 years and I got fired. Yes. You heard that right. I was fired. I was let go from the billboard company I was so eager to work for because they were selling out to another company. After 3 years of work I packed up my stuff trying to figure out what my next move was. I lived in a small town and there was a lack of opportunity. I knew the billboard business and wonderful mentor. With $300 dollars to spend on a website…

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Billboards Etc New & Improved

Dec 3, 2019

Over the last 12 years our website has continuously evolved. Billboards Etc has been working for the last year on bettering our website to improve functionality and ordering ease. We have officially launched our new site December 1st, 2019. Some new items to look for: A cleaner look with easier navigation Separation of products to offer more customized options A text line for our savvy texters PMS Education center for Pantone colors A new Our Team page with more detail Our Independent Billboard Operator page Social login advancements with Facebook or Google Digital billboard design request section    

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Advertising and Nexus Triggers

Oct 22, 2019

For most outdoor advertising companies sales starts on the billboard with an  “Advertise Here” vinyl. The potential driver calls the number and hopefully the ad space is sold. Sometimes outdoor companies have to hire sales people to go out and about to sell the outdoor space. Something to strongly consider when doing this is your location. Do you live on a bordering state and travel into another state to sell advertising space? If the answer is yes…then you could be triggering a nexus in that state and might need to register your business in that state. Here is a great example.  According to Avalara, “Texas: According to the Texas tax code, if you engage in regular or systematic solicitation of sales of taxable items in the Lone Star State by way of catalogs, magazines, flyers, radio, television, mail, telephone, computer, cable, optic or any other means, you have nexus in Texas.” What is a Nexus? “Sales tax nexus is the connection between a seller and a state that requires the seller to register, collect, and remit sales tax on sales made in the state. Certain business activities such as having a physical presence in a jurisdiction or reaching a sales threshold may establish nexus with the state,” Avalara.  “General rule that if the advertising is remote, it will not trigger nexus. Of course, there are exceptions to that, like California and Texas, so it’s wise to know the law in the states where you do business.” Why should outdoor companies care? After all….billboard advertising is non-taxable in most states. “Generally, an agency must…

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